Review: The Incredible Jessica James Is Literally Unspoilable But Watchable

by admin on August 2, 2017

Last night, I cuddled up in bed for what I call a Write and Watch where I write my upcoming book and watch a flick at the same time. I ended up watching the first thing that popped up on Netflix – The Incredible Jessica James. I chose it because it read as a feel good type of movie, and that was what I needed.

Thirty minutes in, I was giggling and once I erupted in laughter after a piano dropped from the sky…you’ll get it when you watch. After that, it was a series of informal dates and various forms of self awareness that tiptoed made their way into the characters while I found myself following a female with a love for theater and being a playwright who suffers from a broken heart, flying high on feminist views that she takes too far and who also may be in desperate need of company…new male company.

She finds that male company, a super cool dude, and then finds herself succeeding in ways she never imagined when she has a chit and a chat with someone who has walked in her shoes. Watch the trailer. It was la la. Nothing extraordinary, but a super light flick for the person with nothing else to do at heart for the day.  The synopsis is dead on word for word what the movie is about with no surprises – she finds a guy after rebounding from another.  Everything in between is fluff and great farts.

I liked watching but there’s not much else to say about it because there is literally nothing to spoil. Literally.  The great thing about Jessica James is that she has a great personality that lets nothing get in her way or keep her from believing in the future for more and better and … stuff.  It was her rebounding personality and how she reacted in and during her romance trials that carried the movie, but I do believe that was the whole point because she is so…incredible.  Great actress.  She did her thing for the role.

The best thing about the movie was that it was a fresh take on everything viewable now on Netflix.  The characters were super fresh and regular people who I would love to meet and freaking laugh at while they laugh at me.  No one was overly gorgeous by the “standard” but everyone was perfect for life.  So I scratch the last part about just Jessica James carrying the movie.  When I really think about it, it was that Jessica was real and everyone else was REAL, too, which ended up making the movie a success.  Refreshing…yeah.  Definitely.

Sigh tho.  I hated the ending.  What would I give it? Three out of five stars, more leaning toward a four honestly just for Jessica’s hair.  I took so many mental notes.  Loved the styles.

Maybe a 3.6 stars…maybe 3.7 even.  Okay…3.8. 😊

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