The Number One Reason Why I’m Watching PROUD MARY. Her Name Is TARAJI P HENSON

The Number One Reason Why I’m Watching PROUD MARY. Her Name Is TARAJI P HENSON

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There isn’t much Taraji P Henson cannot do.  She’s a mother, black female that is doing her thing in Hollywood, making tracks from Lifetime movies and making shows like Empire succeed just with her name and talent to be quite honest while taking less pay for darn good acting in block buster movies like Benjamin Button.  She’s on fire, so don’t think for one second that the fire is out because she’s about to set another set aflame when she stars as the lead in PROUD MARY.

I can honestly say that without even knowing a thing about the film PROUD MARY when I found out about it ( because all I heard was this in my head) –

— I knew I was going to see the movie once I learned that Taraji is the star.

Most of us who adore her acting ability have seen her play a mother on screen on very different ends of the spectrum, however, we’ve never watched her as a full blown hit woman.  This is exactly who she will play in the upcoming PROUD MARY which by the way hasn’t started filming, but will be filming by Spring 2017.

According to what I’ve read on Variety, the gist of the story is that she will be a hit woman until something slows her down, and that something is actually a someone that kicks in the maternal instincts in herself – a young lad.  Basically, I imagine her as callous, and just forget empathetic altogether as a hit woman, so there is going to be some major shift when she meets this youngster whom I am guessing will bring out the “love” in her that she didn’t know she had.  I conclude she isn’t anyone’s biological mother in the flick, and if she is, the child has passed on.

What made her want to be a hit woman or how she even got started, that is to be explained hopefully in the movie as well aka backstory.  All in all, it’s already a movie to be seen because it is rare if at all we see black women in a role such as this one.  I mean, I know I’ve written someone very close to a hit woman but she definitely wasn’t like that by trade, and that was in my novel First Degree Sins.  However, this is going to be quite different thus appealing when I watch it on screen.

Congrats to Taraji on her new role off of a wonderful Hidden Figures, which by the way went NUMBER 1!  Bravo!

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