The Suspect. This Movie Had Me Confused But I Kept Watching

The Suspect. This Movie Had Me Confused But I Kept Watching

Posted on by Mirika C

The Suspect. It’s difficult for me to explain this movie, but even thought it confused me for at least a good solid ten minutes, I can say that I liked it. Some may ask how do you like a movie that confused the heck out of you for a fraction of it? Well, because it was different, thus refreshing, but even more than that, it gave me something to figure out and actually find out if it made any sense.

So here is the deal with this movie, starring the two you see to the right – Mekhi Phifer and William Sadler. There are two black guys traveling through an all white town when a bank gets robbed. The robbery is blamed on the black men because, hey, these are the only two strangers who look different in the entire town. There are conflicts with this in the beginning of the movie, however, as the movie plays on, we find out that yes, they did rob the bank, but technically, they didn’t.

Confused? How do they technically rob a bank but not do it? Good question.

Turns out this is a part of their job as college professors, but this thing gets even more crossed up because near the end of the show, what these college professors were trying to prove all along, was right – there is a criminal slant in the justice system – and in the case of this movie, it started at the arrest and the reason for the arrest.

But then near the end of the movie is when things get odd for me as I thought that was the overall plot and reason behind the “robberies” and the whole entire set of the movie. I was wrong. I won’t reveal all of it, but trust me, if you dare get up to use the toilet for five minutes during this flick, just start the whole thing over because you will be just as stirred up and confused as a milkshake.

Despite all that, the movie I can give a four out of five stars. Watch it…on one of those days that you haven’t taken a laxative. It’s on Netflix. I dug it…and still dig it.

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