The Weekend – Why It’s A Great Movie Any Day of the Week

by Mirika C on July 6, 2017


The movie is titled The Weekend, and it takes place in London about an unpopular young man (Derrick) who is home from college and meets back up with his two friends from the neighborhood and even an old crush. What he didn’t expect was to have inadvertently gained possession of someone else’s luggage bag on the way home which gets him tangled up in a messy web of bad money but a load of fun.

Complete with loads of personality, The Weekend comes off as a cross between the movies Dope and Friday while bringing a load of laughs with it. The dialogue between him and his dopey friends is hilarious the entire way through the movie, and that is very important to me because I’m a character driven writer period. The Weekend definitely had the right mix of personality to keep the movie from having any dead points whatsoever, and it’s obvious that the director knew exactly how to handle a movie such as this one. A few times, I thought that it would tip a bit too far over into similar movies of close genre such as Friday for example, the homeless guy, but again, that’s just my own take.

All in all, I give The Weekend a five out of five stars, and for anyone who wants a great laugh, watch it. It’s hilarious.

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