Viral, the Movie – So Good, But Oh How Gross. I Loved It.

by admin on July 9, 2017

I came off with a win while watching Viral last night. Wow, it was such a treat that I can’t even begin at the right place because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone that wants to watch.

I dig a great thriller, and a gross thriller that’s not completely over the top gross, but the right kind of gross. By the right kind of gross I mean parasitic type nasty. If you get the crawls on your skin when you even see a worm or centipede on land, you will just about die the death watching this freaking disgusting living parasite dwell in eyeballs and underneath skin and even worse…fall completely out of a mouth. Just gross, right?

About Viral, it all starts with some high school kids and this outbreak that hits the city…until they find out it’s everywhere.  The town gets quarantined and all hell on earth breaks loose.  The freaking national guard, swat…you name it comes through, and no one can leave, but here is the deal, the freaking parasite makes people violent and it spreads like the grossest way ever. I’m not going to say anymore about the movie except that the other narrative in the movie to keep the story going is also good and makes sense.

It’s a definite watch. I give it a five out of five because it made my son turn away it was so disgusting. A winner.  This is the movie I would choose if I had a party and I wanted absolutely no one to eat snacks…at all.  More for me.

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