Watch the Trailer for ROSEWOOD, the New TV Series Starring Morris Chestnut!

by Mirika C on August 3, 2015


004I’ve been exceptionally busy but I wanted to drop in to show those who haven’t seen the latest for ROSEWOOD starring Morris Chestnut, you know that show I gave you the deets on back in March.

It’s catch up time. Here is the trailer that I skipped by as I have been finishing my novel and writing my other blog. September 23rd, ROSEWOOD will be on FOX right before EMPIRE, so now we get a double whammy for our entertainment! I’m all ready!

Watch Ricky Morris in the ROSEWOOD trailer below, and this time, he’s a doctor – THE doctor of choice.

Not only will Morris hit your television screen in September just in front of the hottest television show since crickets, Empire, but he will also bring the pain in the BIG SCREEN premiere of The Perfect Guy, starring him, Sanaa Lathan and husband and father, Michael Ealy.  That particular movie is due to hit on September 11th, and Morris is playing the good guy named Dave.

Another thing going on with Morris is that he has a role in the movie Bus 657.  This is my first time hearing of the role, but the movie stars Robert De Niro and Dave Bautista.  It’s about a guy who caught in a jam and needs to make money fast for his daughter’s medical treatment.  This leads to the robbery of a casino and then the jacking of a bus!  Sounds great, so we’ll see where Morris falls in because we follow him around from movie to movie to movie, don’t we? (No matter what it is)

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