What We Can All Learn From How Jada Pinkett Smith Responds To the DISS NETWORK

by Mirika C on March 7, 2016


Since the day everyone in the world found out that absolutely no black person was on the “winning” side when it came to the Oscars, resulting in the hashtag #Oscarssowhite, there came this push to bring more diversity to the Academy. Comedian and actor Chris Rock just happened to had been chosen during all this controversy to host the Academy Awards 2016, and, boy, did he bring the blackness to the stage.

Ain't Quite What I Thought by Mirika Mayo CorneliusMany people hated what he had to say, some even loved it.  I feel, he did his job being caught between rocks and hard places. He was there to host and address the fact that people of color are underrepresented in Hollywood…period…and this has been known through time.  He also, being a comedian, will cast his opinion out regardless of who likes it or not.  It’s his job and a part of himself.

There is a hard balance that he had to muster up and bring to the Academy while making it enjoyable, however, not all things he stated weren’t worth a laugh.  There were very serious topics he brought up…from lynchings to just being black going to catch a dang movie…each means death to us, depending on how it’s dressed up and viewed from the onlooker.  All in all…I get Chris Rock and his points of view.

Check out the monologue if you missed it, but there was one particular part where he went in on Jada Pinkett Smith.   She decided, along with her husband, that they weren’t going to the Oscars because of how discriminatory they are, and just as Jada took that stand prior to the airing of the show, Chris Rock dove onto Jada’s stance to say what she is complaining about just really isn’t worth it, comparing it to lynchings back in the day, which were something to “really” worry about.  My take on it, Rock, as a comedian and critical thinker, I feel he wasn’t trying to make a joke about our people being lynched (because it isn’t funny), but tried to make a spin on something that didn’t quite spin right with many.  He was more than likely trying to say, that winning an Oscar ain’t crap compared to what black struggles were back in the day, so don’t let it mess your mind up.  At least that’s my take.

Still yet, having our hard work noticed is only one of our many struggles, and I say this being an African American writer.  It’s worth the fight because talent should never be ignored, especially due to the fact that blacks throughout history have had their music, inventions etc STOLEN with credit constantly given to Caucasians because that was the law.  Blacks have many struggles that should never be swept underneath the rug.  We do need to always recognize ourselves along with making certain we get proper credit where it’s due.

But anyway…

…fast forward to now. Jada Pinkett Smith has responded, and I applaud her on how well she responds to the DISS NETWORK. Her response is so royal that it can be noted the many things we can all learn from it.  Watch below.

“It comes with the territory, sweetheart!”

First, wear your shades for the shade. Never let anyone see you sweat even if you were catching a fit back at the house, tossing dishes and breaking glasses, when it all went down. Learn to only show the cool side and lay the cruel side to rest when the DISS NETWORK comes to town.

Second, know your territory. Don’t step in fire if you aren’t prepared with a fire extinguisher. She knew what she may have been stepping into when she said what she said about the Oscars, therefore, she…being the boss that she is…knew exactly how she would behave whenever the DISS NETWORK came hunting.

I Thought I Was Alone Trilogy PromotionThird, save your words for fights worth fighting. Know that opinions aren’t anything to fight. Save your voice for the real movement, the real revolution. Don’t confuse smack talking battles with real wartime. Know your territory and use the right weapons. Clapping back at Chris Rock wasn’t the fight she entered, so she didn’t bother about putting on the gloves.


I say, she handled herself like a pro.  She knows who she is and what she stands for, and she’ll be dogged if a man with a video camera catches her slipping.  I’m no Jada stan, but the DISS NETWORK came for the right one.  I’ve learned.  Thanks, Jada…now don’t make me eat my words.

I respect and adore both these entertainers as they both bring THOUGHT to our “color coded” world.  There are many sides to this coin.


Watch Jada take her stand against the Oscars.

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