Who Is Ready For SPIKE LEE’S New Movie – CHIRAQ? Watch the Trailer!

by Mirika C on November 3, 2015


We all know about the brutality of guns on the streets of Chicago, a wonderful city that I’ve visited more than once in the state of Illinois. This particular Spike Lee movie brings attention to violent acts in a film that is titled Chiraq.

Now, when you watch the trailer, think a twist on what is real, a satire, when it comes to dealing with gun violence and getting the guns off the streets by the ladies closing their legs, withholding sex, to get the job done.

Many big names are in the film which is based off of a Greek comedy titled Lysistrata. Watch and wait…releasing on December 4th after coming to Amazon. Violence in Chicago is serious, thus the controversial title, Chiraq.

Listen to Spike Lee defend the title and controversy surrounding the movie:


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