Why I Love Actress Regina King & Why SEVEN SECONDS Just Became My MUST WATCH

by Mirika C on December 2, 2016


The television 227 was when I first met actress Regina King.  She played the role of Brenda, a teen who was very intelligent and infatuated with a guy named Calvin.  Everything about 227 was great.  Every character had his or her own way of life and thinking, making it very much like real life, and it was Regina King who stood out for all the African American female pre-teens and teens watching.

Brenda.  She was one of the first characters I identified with as a young girl.  As I grew up, I found out her real name – Regina King.  From there, she continued to bring certain qualities to every single role she played on television or the big screen.  For instance, she played along side Janet Jackson and Tupac in Poetic Justice  but prior to that, she landed a role in Boyz in the Hood (and no, she wasn’t Felicia) and then came even more movies that I love like How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Friday, Daddy Daycare, and Jerry McGuire.  There are more, but there’s a start.  If you have seen these movies, surely, whether you know it or not, you are a fan of Regina King as well.  Here’s why:

She brings Power to her Position

No matter what role she plays, the lead role or not, you can’t miss her.  She brings the everything to the screen that is needed to enhance whatever else is going on.  In supporting roles, she holds leads up really well…such as in The Gabby Douglas Story.  I was just as interested in her as I was in Gabby!  She played the role of her mother with power and brilliance.

If any movie needs power, Regina King brings it.

She’s Drama-free

How many celebrities have the utmost public drama?  More celebrities than you can count on both hands and toes.  Regina King has none.  She’s about her business obviously and her private life remains that way – out of public scrutiny.  I like that about her because if there truly is drama in her home, we wouldn’t know.  Who needs drama both inside and outside?  Not Regina.

She’s cast in Seven Seconds…which is MAJOR…for them

We all know about Black Lives Matter, the movement that stands for justice and equality under the law of the land for people of color.  Here is where Seven Seconds the Netflix series comes in to take on the struggle, and with it comes the fabulous Regina King who will play a mom who loses her son from an incident that left him dead by the hands of a cop.

See what I mean by bringing power to a scene?  Regina King is going to bury this Seven Seconds episode.

Now, I was already in the mood to watch Seven Seconds prior to King being cast, but it wasn’t on my must watch.  Now that she’s on, I’m on.  See what a little royalty can do?
Here is Regina speaking about her “inclusion dream for this industry” with Oprah.

Here’s one of her from The Leftovers…

and of course…The Boondocks!!

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