Why I Really Need To Purge THE PURGE, But Probably Won’t…

by Mirika C on February 23, 2016


I wasn’t even ready to watch THE PURGE: Election Year movie trailer. I write this because this is the most evil and most scary movie to ever hit the planet earth.

Why do I say evil? Because the government has allowed a day to go on a flipping killing spree -man, woman, and child – in an environment that is totally void of the true love of GOD in their hearts.  Jesus help them because it looks like hell may just be overrun with murderers.  Thou shalt not kill aka murder.  Freaking down-low killers…with gigantic grudges.  Chill.

What’s crazier (I’m going there) is that America was really sort of like this in the past.  Yes, kill a man of color (African, Black, Native), and there would be a pat on the back and a freaking festival, except it wasn’t for a day.  It was everyday.  (I know, I’m an art imitates lifer).

Why do I say scary? Because you don’t know who the flip wants you dead. It could really be your husband, child, siblings…dog. It just wouldn’t even be the thing to euthanize a dog for mauling you to death on this particular day.  Best believe if there was a day like that on earth really, I’m alone in the flipping middle of the ocean, having snacks, watching Netflix, and having a great night’s sleep under the sound of horrific screams and bloody gurgles.  Bump a purge.  This crap hits too close to home…everyone’s home.

I Thought I Was Alone Trilogy PromotionAs a matter of fact, I wouldn’t even live in America at this point.   I mean the masks alone in this movie will make me shoot a sucker in the head out of fear and the sheer I’m getting him before he gets me phenomenon.  Scream on that.

Anyway watch this trailer if you haven’t.  I actually saw the first movie.  Wasn’t there a second?  Yeah, saw that one, too.  Don’t know if I can stomach this one, but I’m an author.  (Yeah, you figured it out.  I can stomach most things.)  I can tell you this, watching it and liking it won’t come together in a nice neat bow.  It’s easier for me to watch Michael Myers go ham than to watch everyone around the neighborhood go ham…like little old 90 year old grandma I just bought groceries for come slice my throat because I picked up the wrong milk.

Freaking stuff spooks me out.  Note:  I won’t get through half the movie.   I know I won’t, but I will make an attempt to watch.  Let me stop lying.  I will watch the first 5 minutes until they sound the horn.  Purge over for me.  But then…I will open my eyes back up and guess what…continue watching.

I really need to purge THE PURGE…but I won’t.  I just really need to see who the flip makes it out of THE PURGE alive, for the suspense of it all.  It’s a writer thing, you understand.

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