by Mirika C on March 10, 2016


“But as a community, we can take something, and it can be nothing, and make it amazing and the rest of the world wants it. And it’s been happening that way for years.”— Adina Porter of Underground

Plump Lips
Bigger Butt
Nice Braids
Big Hair
Awesome Music
Born to Dance
Top Notch Vocals
Strong Minds

Africans/African Americans…heck…Africans all over the world, yes, BLACK PEOPLE, have always done things big and fabulous to who they are as a people and individuals. This is why when Adina Porter of the new UNDERGROUND on WGN answered this question about cultural appropriation, the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of a different culture, she answered appropriately.

Who we are and what we do everywhere in the world has never been something we do because we TRY to be great. It’s because we simply ARE great at being us, and we appreciate OURSELVES as we are.  So she is right in the notion that while many in the world look on the African American/African as a spectacle, and even mimic when it comes to style and appearance, we have better things to do as part of the HUMAN race because we actually live and notice more about ourselves than what we look like (although we do enjoy looking at the fab of us all).

Curse the CottonWe notice WHO WE ARE… period… and we fight for the right to remain UNCHANGED in a world that constantly tries to CHANGE us ( as an example…not allowing a six year old girl to wear her natural hair to school because it’s puffy or locked/ not straight enough ) yet imitate us while EXCLUDING us at the same exact time. (If you aren’t in black skin, think about that for a second…really).

Literally, in one part of the state, a black person can be accepted and copied while, on the next block, be ridiculed and picked apart!  Craziness.

There has been and still is so much diatribe as well as praise coming at the African or those of African ancestry from so many angles that it’s too much to talk about, thus Adina Porter’s tactful response.

Therefore, as the saying goes, imitation is the best form of flattery.  But I must toss two cents in with this even though we have better things to talk about … don’t think for one second those braids are new.    They are just as old as twerking.  (I thought everyone could do that from the ground up).  Miley didn’t sling that into action at all…(no shade).

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