Zendaya’s Oscars 2015 Dreadlocks…And The UGLY Giuliana Rancic Comment About Them

by Mirika C on February 24, 2015


Whether you know who she is or not, she’s gorgeous…as well as her hair. As you can see, Zendaya graced the red carpet of the Oscars with dreadlocks extensions, and she looked amazing. The only thing that Giuliana Rancic had to say about Zendaya that stood out is that she feels like Zendaya she smells like “weed”. Are you kidding me?

Of course Giuliana didn’t stand by her statement and cowered behind her oops, bringing forth an apology to all of us who may have dreads or know someone with dreads. Quite frankly, the statement she made can be taken as her believing that if you wear dreads, she feels you have a scent and smoke weed on the regular.  Those weren’t her exact words, but it is taken as such …  possibly by every single person in the world with dreads.

My thing is…don’t apologize for how you feel. Own the ignorance, and then change yourself…on the inside instead of talking about what people look like on the outside. It’s what’s inside that counts, but it’s up to Zendaya to say what she has to say about it…and she did just that, the long tell off caught on twitter.


We wonder…what else might she think about things that don’t look quite like hers?

Anyway, here is her apology to Zendaya and all of us who were offended.

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