First Degree Sins


October 19, 2014

FIRST DEGREE SINS When a woman is scorned by a foolish husband and a reckless mistress, things lead down a chaotic path in only 24 hours, especially when cops, drug money and desperation deliver Lisa Caldwell into an unhealthy dose of FIRST DEGREE SINS, with no way to turn back the hands of time! YOUR […]

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IN THE AUTHOR’S WORDS – The Making of First Degree Sins

July 12, 2014

DESCRIBE FIRST DEGREE SINS First Degree Sins is a novel that combines urban with pulp fiction as the lives of people collide although the story follows one central person.  This is the first novel that I’ve written of this type, the closest thing remotely similar is Murders at Gabriel’s Trails which is an urban series […]

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To Her, Sometimes People Just Have To Die, Even If She Must Kill Them To Finally Be Free

May 14, 2014

This Spring I released a novel that I am most excited about – First Degree Sins!  A short synopsis can’t describe this book’s dynamic impact because it’s a story that has multiple perspectives going on all at the same time with one focal point – Lisa Caldwell  – and she is thoroughly ticked and in […]

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