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Mirika Home Designs is your shop for home decor accessories for living, office, bedroom and kids’ spaces. Enjoy sprucing up your rooms and work spaces with both comforting and bold colors that reinvigorate the area. Layer throw pillows upon seating areas or on shelving to give the room splashes of color while there are even throw pillows for the children to enjoy.

Founded by author, entrepreneur, graphic artist and online publisher Mirika Mayo Cornelius, it was launched in Winter 2021, in order to create a unique space for home decor that reaches beyond appearances and speaks to times and spaces, eclectically, individually and collectively, inspired by capturing the power and essence of life, fine tuned toward Black Culture, Black History and African American home decor designs, ranging from hip hop and graffiti to Africa inspired and modern, minimalist home designs.

Each piece is uniquely designed by Mirika Mayo Cornelius, meaning you can get it nowhere else.

Select your throw pillow below, click the picture and purchase. (Turn your smartphones horizontally for best interaction.)

For Black History Month and Black Culture, I’ve designed hip hop and graffiti, going back to the 1970s and 1980s as well as Christian Black History along with the Black History pioneers who paved the way through the Civil Rights Movement. Here are a few below and above.

Hip Hop Graffiti Comforter and Throw Pillows (more designs in store, so click photo to shop!)
Soul Food Cutting Board (more designs at the store, so click the photo to shop!)

Learn the Alphabet Throw Pillow

(Sold Out/ Unavailable)

PanAfrican MinuteStriped Throw Pillow

(Sold Out/ Unavailable)

Kids Basketball Lovers Throw Pillow

(Orange, White and Blue)

Learn Your Numbers Throw Pillow

(Sold out/Unavailable)

Book Lovers Throw Pillow


Mocha Horizons Throw Pillow

Sold Out/ Unavailable

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