Kindle Vella Stories

Kindle Vella Stories

Grow Money Like Trees (Not Just On Them): How Biblical Knowledge Grew My Finances

What’s the deal with money, and is there an easier way to understand what I should be doing with MINE?

Well, there are some things I learned in order to understand money fundamentally. In Grow Money Like Trees (Not Just On Them), I am sharing what I learned from Biblical principles that gave me a great understanding of money strategies so that I could save and build on solid, financial foundation. It’s not a get rich scheme. It’s practical knowledge and revelation from the Most High God.

Abel’s Murder-er

Murder, Murder, Murder. It’s such a bloody, rotten thing, especially when a family member is behind the brutality.

Have you ever read the story of Cain and Abel which took place at the very Genesis of time? He was the first murderer but hasn’t been the last. Guess what? There’s another Cain who was born A.D., during the time of cell phones and media frenzies. He also has a brother named Abel.

At his birth, he already knows he wants him dead. When and how he would kill him is the question.