More Wonderful Pics From Pose N Post Symposium in Columbia!

by Mirika C on April 15, 2015


(left to right) Jeannine "Nina Ross" and Mirika Mayo Cornelius
This is me and my bandit, Nina Ross. My crew!
Mirika(left), Cookie(middle) at Pose n Post Symposium
I met the lady in the middle, Cookie, and the wonderful lady on the right. They are a tag team duo as well out of Georgia. Great people!

Shameeka Guess Bouyer (left), Mirika Mayo Cornelius (right)
Shakeema is all over that marketing! Want more from her, see her on instagram…where it looks like she lives. Of course, I’m a twitter girl. I’m doing my instagram from time to time…don’t judge me. I’m getting better. ¬†Below are more fantastic women who turned out for Pose n Post!

Mirika Mayo Cornelius (right)



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