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Why Dreadlocks Bother You So Much & Why They Really Shouldn’t

So someone with straight hair will NEVER be rejected…ever. It still translates as racism to me. The court is wrong. I can see if the locs are rainbow in color etc…but locs can be pulled up, back and even bunned and just as beautiful as any other style. Again…the court is wrong. Laws…some just aren’t […]

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Zendaya’s Oscars 2015 Dreadlocks…And The UGLY Giuliana Rancic Comment About Them


Whether you know who she is or not, she’s gorgeous…as well as her hair. As you can see, Zendaya graced the red carpet of the Oscars with dreadlocks extensions, and she looked amazing. The only thing that Giuliana Rancic had to say about Zendaya that stood out is that she feels like Zendaya she smells […]

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