**SPOILER ALERT**After Watching KIDNAP Starring Halle Berry… It’s Good, But Girl… SMH

June 9, 2017

So, the other day, I ended up watching KIDNAP and can honestly say that it was exhilarating from the beginning all the way up to the end. With that being stated however, there are so many parts that made me cringe until I could throw the most pointed heel that I own at the screen […]

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When Someone KIDNAPS Your Child & Crap Gets REAL! Halle Berry Finally Found a Great Movie…Finally

August 25, 2016

Kidnap. I have a very, weird history of television and movies when it comes to the actor Halle Berry. Some movies, I believe, work for her, and then there are some that she basically destroys all on her own. I’m not stating this to be mean, but it shows in the many projects that carry […]

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CBS Goes LEGALESE With Halle Berry As EXTANT Ends Its Run

October 10, 2015

I must admit. I was excited about CBS’ Extant starring Halle Berry…before it premiered. Soon after, however, I became uninterested, and quickly pushed it so far to the back burner that I no longer watched at all. Well, after only a second season, it appears that Extant has run its course and CBS won’t bring […]

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