When Someone KIDNAPS Your Child & Crap Gets REAL! Halle Berry Finally Found a Great Movie…Finally

When Someone KIDNAPS Your Child & Crap Gets REAL! Halle Berry Finally Found a Great Movie…Finally

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Kidnap. I have a very, weird history of television and movies when it comes to the actor Halle Berry. Some movies, I believe, work for her, and then there are some that she basically destroys all on her own. I’m not stating this to be mean, but it shows in the many projects that carry her name that bomb like the atomic.

For instance, I hated her role as ice cucumber…or no wait…Storm with The X-Men.  She reminded me of a drizzly, damp day instead of the tornado driving, thunder clapping Storm that I desired so much to see.  Maybe it wasn’t her fault at all, however. I must take all of the variables that make a film what it is into account, so that, I give her.

I did love her in that one movie…Catwoman.  Yes.  She is the absolute best Catwoman there is, hands down.  Now, that other movie that rocked was the one where she was the 911 operator – The Call.  That one she nailed, and it was the director’s fault obviously that the ending tanked for me.  The rest of the movie was terrific.  The rest of her movies are so-so to horrid…like the uhh…yeah that one with the boat – Dark Tide.  The heck was that?

Anyway, altogether, she’s great because at least she’s getting things done in the industry as far as movies, whether they be made for TV or blockbusters.  She is owning her place, and you can’t disagree with that, Oscars, although there are about three other women to four that I would have given one before her.  I’m not a judge on that, however.


Here we are though at the next big flick starring Halle Berry, and this one is going to be one for her unless the writing and directing are horrid.  Kidnap really looks great based on the trailer, and we see the face of horror written all over Berry’s face as a mother who decides to play Marco Polo with her son in a crowded park, and she loses him.

**Let’s take this back to myself a notch.  I’m not playing Marco Polo with my son anywhere except in my fenced backyard or in the house.  That way, I won’t increase my chances of ending up on a movie titled Kidnap.**

Back to the Kidnap movie, the scariest, most heart-wrenching thing about the trailer is not only does she lose her son, but she actually watches as someone TAKES HIM.  The devil is a liar.

Then, like the trooper mom she is, she leaps onto the side of the car and holds on for dear life as the car her son is in drags her until she hits the street.  Here’s when it gets even better — FROM THE PRODUCER OF SALT AND TRANSFORMERS.  I stopped watching right there because I was sold.  I’ll keep writing and watching though because it wouldn’t be fair to you who care about what I think.

Here is where the adrenaline kicks in.  The freak in the car with her son catches an extra charge for attempted murder of a police officer, so at this point, you know the kidnapper has some screws seriously lose.  Mom knows at this point, it’s for the kill when she gets her hands on the perp and she isn’t about to just WAIT on the cops to find her child.  Crap just got real.  She’s going after her baby herself, and she might even kill that bastard who took him.  Stand and applaud because that’s some real stuff right there.  All that waiting by the phone nonsense – again, the devil is a liar, and the truth ain’t in him.


YES-SUH!!!!  When you get to that part of the trailer where she says that, you know the popcorn must be ready and a good seat is had for you!  YES-SUH!!!  Heck to the yeah.  I feel like I have already seen the movie because I would have been right with her…bat in hand, musty armpits and all.


All that to conclude like this.  Family, if a movie doesn’t draw you in like this trailer did…  If a book doesn’t draw you in like this trailer did…  Find another one.  This one is hot like fire.  Bravo to Halle because it looks like she found a winner.  I already know, some people are saying — this is just another Taken.  Well, I like that one, too, so boom.  And?

It looks like it’s coming out on December 2nd, so you already know.

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