EXCLUSIVE: Gospel Singer & Songwriter Earnest Pugh Interviews About Upcoming Album THE W.I.N. (Worship In Nassau) EXPERIENCE!

EXCLUSIVE: Gospel Singer & Songwriter Earnest Pugh Interviews About Upcoming Album THE W.I.N. (Worship In Nassau) EXPERIENCE!

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Earnest PughEarnest Pugh gave me the wonderful opportunity to interview him about his upcoming album, The W.I.N. (Worship in Nassau) Experience which will release on September 17th. Earnest Pugh has been given the gift of song, and he has brought it through albums such as Earnestly Yours, Rain On Us, and Earnest Pugh Live: A Worshipper’s Perspective. With his upcoming album, we should all expect a big W.I.N!

In my exclusive interview with Earnest Pugh, I learned that he isn’t only a person who sings about God, but he has truly been touched by Him. Starting at a very young age, Earnest Pugh, in his own words, “felt the weight and gravity of ministry”, and as he grows with his gift of music in ministry, he shares what he wants listeners/worshipers to take from the music and how he feels that everyone in the Body of Christ has been “set up to win…not victims but victors”!

Gain inspiration and empowerment as you read this exclusive interview with the singer and songwriter, who also holds the title of Gospel Music’s Leading Man, Earnest Pugh.


Have you always known or felt that your place in music has been in gospel, and how far back can you recall your first experience with God, how you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that He is real and that music would be a main part of your purpose here on earth?

Earnest Pugh: I felt the weight and gravity of ministry as early as 8 years old. My great grandmother would often call me to the foot of her bed (as she was battling sickness) to sing and nurse her to sleep. I recall her telling me “You possess the same anointing that David had as he refreshed Saul. One day God is going to send you to the nations to ministers and share your gift so be ready.” I was not sure who David or Saul was at that age, but I knew that those words affirmed and irrevocable calling on my life that I would not be able to avoid. Of course I ran from the calling-departing home at 18 to join the U.S. Army (where I stayed for over 15 years) but God brought me full circle in order to embrace my calling and purpose for being on earth. So here I am!

Order Earnest Pugh's The W.I.N. Experience!If you could imagine all the people who are enjoying your music around the world, besides the wonderful, easy on the ears sound, what is your sincere hope that they will take from the songs?

Earnest Pugh: I want listeners to walk away from my concert/appearance with a clear word of direction/instruction. My objective (in ministry) is for each song to reach them in a “special” place and speak to their current reality. My job is merely to convey a message to them on God’s behalf. I must decrease and allow God to increase in this process so they don’t get caught up in a personality (artist). It’s not about me (the gift) it’s about the Giver (of life).

In the month of September you are scheduled to release a brand new album, the singles from the album titled, More Of You and I Believe You Most featuring J. Moss, and the name of the album – The W.I.N. (Worship in Nassau) Experience. There are 12 tracks on the album, and of all the records, which is your own personal favorite, why and from where did you draw inspiration for the track?

Earnest Pugh: “More of You” is the song that inspires me most. There is a lyric that God game me that says…”Away from all the noise…so I can hear your voice..” There comes a time in life/ministry where we have to shut down the phone, television, conversations, etc. and get on our face before God to get clarity and direction. It’s in that secret place that God empowers us with what we need to continue on the journey. A real psalmist must maintain a constant hunger and thirst for more of God.

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The W.I.N.(Worship in Nassau)Experience is a brilliant name, and it works so well! Although the acronym is obvious, is there any other meaning behind W.I.N. that you can tell us about because W.I.N.ning is something that most, if not all of us in some form or fashion, want out of life?

Earnest Pugh: We (in the Body of Christ) have all been set up to W.I.N. We are not victims but victors and when we cultivate the presence of God (in Worship) he reminds us of who’s we are and who were are. Worship takes timidity out of a person and causes them to walk in the power and authority given by The Lord of the Universe. Worshippers Win!!!

What was your favorite part about performing in the Bahamas back in May as part of the Radio One “One Love Getaway to the Bahamas”?

Earnest Pugh: My favorite part of performing in Nassau was witnessing people from various walks of life, countries, cultures, and races yet having a common passion for One GOD. It was an amazing worship experience for my worship team and I. For some reason they[sic] Bahamian’s worship is very intense.

As founder of EPM Music, when you look back over your entire life, did you imagine yourself reaching number one on Billboard’s Gospel music charts, such as with your beautiful single Rain On Us? Also what was it that prompted you to become founder of your very own label which now has a talented and growing roster of artists?

Earnest Pugh: EPM was founded as result of my being rejected as a new artist. I recorded a demo and approached every label out there and door after door was shut in my face. Finally, with the advice of my mother, I started EPM Music Group. The first CD “A Worshipper’s Perspective” gave me the needed platform to get respect at radio. By my 2nd recording “Rain On Us” we were working in 3-4 markets a week and constantly being called on by radio stations to special events. All of this was laying of the foundation for other. By the 3rd national recording “Earnestly Yours” where we topped the charts with “I Need Your Glory” we felt that it was time to open the door for other artist who had experienced some of the same challenges of getting signed. Most of the artists I signed were friend and fellow artists that I had known and observed over the years so it was very easy to bring them on board. I am grated to God for my rosters: Keith Williams, Crystal Rucker, Vincent Tharpe & Kenosis, and Charles Butler & Trinity. They all have their own unique anointing and are walking into their destiny one day at a time.

I want to finish with The W.I.N. Experience of overall life around the globe, this question inspired by the name of your upcoming September 17th album. Reveal in three words only what you believe it takes to WIN in life as a whole.

Earnest Pugh: 3 words to W.I.N. ….FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE!!! FAITH (in God), HOPE (in God), LOVE (as God)

Thank you so much for this interview, Earnest Pugh. I look forward to the album that will release next month, and God bless.

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