Exclusive Interview: Take 6 Talks New One Music Video, Message To Future Generations And Tour!

Exclusive Interview: Take 6 Talks New One Music Video, Message To Future Generations And Tour!

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The countdown has started for the release of Take 6’s new album One, hitting stores on March 27th, and they were gracious enough to give YaDigg.com (a former sister site of INN THE BASEMENT) an exclusive interview, discussing the message they would like to leave to future generations and the importance of having your own voice. Take 6 reveals that they are currently working on the One tour and where the idea of the One music video derived – all after the jump!

Take 6

The One music video has just been released, and there was so much to enjoy throughout the entire video, especially the message of family and God, and just basic simple happiness. Do you believe that with so much going on in life tearing the family apart as well as the relationship with God, that it is the responsibility of those with a platform to always emphasize God, family and togetherness, showing great sides of life despite the bad?

Take 6: When I think about how I want to answer this question, I find myself being careful, because I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. My answer to that question is actually no. I consider it a privilege. While the difference might seem subtle, in the long run, it can alleviate a lot of stress on those of us in the lime light.

I would hope that I can always live up to the things I say, but imagine what it would feel like, if I had to consider everyone who knows me, every time I did anything. That just sets up a situation where every time I make a mistake, I have to consider the impact it has on you! We’re all human, and we all make mistakes. We all have the privilege to represent what we believe. Some of us are just more exposed than others.

Coming off of that great explanation on having the privilege to represent your beliefs versus responsibility, whose idea was it originally to do the all out cook out family reunion style One music video because, honestly, it was a fantastic idea? A favorite scene is everyone gathered around the table, hand in hand, giving honor to the One, which is very powerful, again going back to family and God.

Take 6: That was Christian’s idea. When we were presented with the opportunity to do, I have to admit, it was a great idea. It really mirrors the feeling I get when I listen to the song. Big ups to my man Christian!


Big ups is right! Loved it! Being that Take 6 has been around, with their first album being released in the 80s, what type of message would you like your music to leave for future generations?

Take 6: There are several messages: First, you owe it to yourself to strive for excellence. Second, God loves you and wants to be in a relationship with you. Third, we’re all the same. We’re part of one family, and it’s ok to be transparent or vulnerable enough to share our struggles, and then be willing to help each other make it through.

Going from vulnerability to identity, Take 6 has had their own identity in music from the very start, which I believe contributes to the group’s longevity. Would you say that it is important for young people, both in the music industry and in other industries, to have their own voice and never become a replica in order to truly have success, whether it comes with extreme fame or not?

Take 6: By all means! If you strive to replicate someone else, you just end up being an image – never the real deal. You owe it to yourself to find out who you really are, and then go to the next step which is, what has God given to you that He wants to share with the world that can only come through you? When you finally get there, or find out the answer to those questions, it’s an awesome thing!


Now that the time is coming for One album to release on March 27th, are there any dates being set up for a One tour as of now?

Take 6: We’re currently working on that and what the show will ultimately look like, and we’re having a blast going through the process!

Take 6’s album, One, is now available for pre-order and will be in stores on March 27th!

Interview by author and blogger, founder of INNTHEBASEMENT, Mirika Mayo Cornelius

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