2015 SC Book Festival – See Highlights From My Weekend Book Signing Event

2015 SC Book Festival – See Highlights From My Weekend Book Signing Event

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Mirika SC BF 2015 First, I want to thank everyone who came out to the meet and greet while getting their books signed. It was exceptionally nice meeting everyone.  Thanks for your purchases and photos.  My husband, Rod Cornelius, and I truly enjoyed every moment.

Now on to my happenings.

The mood was ripe and ready on Saturday which was to be the longest and typically the most exciting day of festival.  There were aisles of authors who wrote everything from children’s books, historical, how to, inspirational, and my favorite — FICTION!  I normally can’t bring all my books to a festival because I have so many, therefore, I choose the novels, and between my books and Rod’s, they filled the table.  See what I mean…Rod and Mirika Cornelius books at the2015 SC Book Festival

Around  the afternoon is when the crowds started rolling in, and I was pleased to see the faces that I personally invited out along with the brand new faces that I was able to meet and greet throughout the event.

There was this family of ladies that I remember most of all because their conversation was way too cute.  They were sisters with their mother, and as they combed through the books prior to making their selections, they were all too funny and kind.

This young lady ended up deciding on Ain’t Quite What I Thought! and she was smiling the whole time from ear to ear.  I just loved her, so we had to USie because I love USie moments.

Mirika Mayo Cornelius takes USie with reader at 2015 SC Book Festival

From there, the signing really popped into action as more gathered at the table for the meet and greet, so there was even more fun.  Sorry, couldn’t get photos at the time of it all because well…our heads were down.  You get the picture.

Rod Cornelius at the 2015 SC Book Festival

Mirika Mayo Cornelius at 2015 SC Book Festival

Let me back up a minute though.  Remember when I mentioned a week or two before this festival Mirika Mayo Cornelius at 2015 SC Book Festivalthat I was going to embark on an IT WORKS journey?  Well, the IT WORKS distributor came to the book festival and picked up one of Rod’s books titled UGLY!  Now, she’s also a friend of mine, so kudos to her, and she already knows she rocks.

Now on to Sunday’s adventures, it was a slower but still very impactful day.  I continued to make time to interview some very wonderful people, but before I got to it, as soon as book festival started, some fam popped up!  Of course, he has that flair for fashion, working his own unique style while he jacked up two books of his own – Murders at Gabriel’s Trails and Ugly.  Good going!

2015 SC Book FestivalIt’s always good to see fam come out in full support.  More fam did show up, but most are entirely camera shy, so those pics will be kept for my own personal collection.

Christine Young Robinson and Mirika Mayo Cornelius(right) at 2015 SC Book FestivalBy the way, recall the interview I did with Christine Young-Robinson of We Didn’t See It Coming?  Yeah, we snapped it up as well.  We’re both veterans in the game now, and we go way back!

One of the funnest moments I had as the festival neared a close is my USie with the Columbia Writer’s Alliance.  They are a group of wonderful authors, so we linked up and started grinning for one huge photo.  All in all, we had a great time!

Mirika Mayo Cornelius and the Columbia Writer's Alliance at the 2015 SC Book Festival

Until the next book festival, we say…LATER!

Rod Cornelius and Mirika Mayo Cornelius at the 2015 SC Book Festival



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