OFF THE CUFF With Author Teri Woods of DUTCH, NY’s FINEST & Children’s Book THE BEST I CAN BE

OFF THE CUFF With Author Teri Woods of DUTCH, NY’s FINEST & Children’s Book THE BEST I CAN BE

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As I circled around the SC Book Festival, I noticed author and presenter at the festival, Teri Woods, who is behind a range of fiction books from True to the Game, NY’s Finest and something a bit different from them all – a new children’s book!  She agreed to go OFF THE CUFF with me so, I started with NY’s Finest.


“NY’s Finest is about NY’s Finest police officers chasing NY’s Finest criminals, and it starts on Halloween, going on for a couple of days, and it’s basically trying to figure out who is behind the series of crimes that begin to happen in Queens, NY.”

The first book that I ever wrote was True to the Game – one, two, and three – is available in ebook form. There’s also Dutch one two and three, and then there’s Alibi, and Triangle, Rectangle, and Circle of Sins.”

Of all the books, what was your most difficult storyline?

“Probably Dutch 3 because I was under so much pressure, and I didn’t have my co-author…I didn’t have my partner because we had broken up by then. He was mad at me, and then [they] bootlegged it, and it was just so much to…I just felt like…there was just a lot of pressure with the Dutch 3 book.”



I take a look at all the general fiction novels that she’s written but the one that stands out is the children’s book titled The Best I Can Be, so I ask her about it and why she decided to go into this children’s book genre.

“I’m a children’s book author now! Well, it’s my children, Lucas and Brandon, and those are their stuffed animals from Beverly Hills. The stuffed animals come to life in their nursery, and they help them because Lucas won’t let them go.”

It was wonderful speaking with her about her books, and she has many, but the one that all the children wanted to know about was The Best I Can Be.

Get yours today at Teri Woods Kids. Find other Teri Woods books online at her website Teri Woods Publishing.


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